1-2pages MBA case analysis

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First, complete the three readings in the HBSP coursepack:

  1. From Niches to Riches
  2. Pipelines, Platforms, and the New Rules of Strategy
  3. Netflix

Second, Complete a 1-2 page case write up of the Netflix case (paste it here – do NOT upload a file). If you haven’t done a case analysis before, here is a link to hints as to how to do it: https://www.ivyadmissionsgroup.com/blog/2018/8/14/how-to-read-and-prepare-an-hbs-style-mba-case (Links to an external site.).

Questions you might cover include (but are not limited to):

  1. How was Netflix able to disrupt the U.S. home entertainment industry?
  2. How did Netflix’s business change over time?
  3. How did IT enable Netflix’s strategy in each of its different strategic forms (e.g., DVD by mail, streaming, etc.)
  4. How did/do network effects impact Netflix’s strategy/performance?
  5. Is Netflix a pipeline or platform structure?
  6. This case was published in 2017. What are new threats that have emerged since then that Netflix must respond to?
  7. Is IT still a differentiator for Netflix? Was it ever?
  8. Based upon the competitive environment in 2019, what should Netflix’s primary strategy be regarding content creation, licensing, and delivery?

Be sure to look at this through the lens of the five forces, long tail, and platform frameworks. Which one is the most relevant? Which the least?

You do NOT have to answer all of the questions above. Your write up should be your write up, with your findings.

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