1 page each on the 3 questions listed below

Can you help me understand this Social Science question?

Read Chapter 4 in your text (p. 89-128) and prepare a written response to question #6 of the “A Campaign Against KFC” case on page 128. [Do animals have rights? If so, what are they? What duties do human beings have toward animals? Does KFC protect animal welfare at an acceptable level?]

Read Ch. 5 of the text, excluding the “Mark Kasky versus Nike” case (p. 121-167), and prepare a written response to the following question: [“In your opinion, how is a corporation responsible to society? List its minimum duties to society.”]

Read chapter 6 of the text (171-190) and the Alcoa discussion case at the end of the chapter. Prepare a written response to question #5 on page 190. [Why do you think Alcoa’s strong values-based culture failed to prevent corrupt acts by a subsidiary, as described earlier in the chapter? Do you think Alcoa’s creation of a new code of conduct in 2014 will help prevent incidents like this in the future?]

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