10 . Define net exports . Explain how U.S . exports and imports each affect domestic production . How are ne exports determined ? Explain how net

I want to know how these questions should be answered. Please help me explain these questions. thank you so much

10 . Define net exports . Explain how U.S . exports andimports each affect domestic production . How are neexports determined ? Explain how net exports might be anegative amount .11 . Contrast the ideas of nominal GDP and real GDP . Why isone more reliable than theother for comparing changes in the standard of living over aseries of years ? What is theGDP price index and what is its role in differentiatingnominal GDP and real GDP ?12 . Which of the following are included or excluded in thisyear’s GDP ? Explain your answer in each casea Interest received on an AT & T corporate bondb . Social Security payments received by a retired factoryworkerC . Unpaid services of a family member in painting thefamily homed Income of a dentist from the dental services provided .C . A monthly allowance a college student receives fromhomef . Money received by Josh when he resells his nearlybrand – new Honda automobile to8 . The publication and sale of a new college textbook. An increase in leisure resulting from a 2 – hourdecrease in the length of theworkweek , with no reduction in payA $2 billion increase in business inventoriesj . The purchase of 100 shares of Google commonstock

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