1250 word plan in APA format that must Include 4 properly cited and formatted peer-reviewed references.

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The project will be the following:

Your team has been given the charge of training 60 RNs and 21 Patient Admittance Coordinators (PAC) from the first three client care units slated to start automated patient entry at United Bay Community Medical Center (UBCMC). Each client care unit that your team is responsible for training consists of 20 RNs and 7 PACs. The target implementation date is in 2 months. Based on information from other agencies that have the same information system as UBCMC, 16 hours of training time is projected for each individual with some individuals requiring more time. Your CEO has made a commitment that all employees will be paid for their training time and that no disruption to client care during training will occur. Your group is to develop a detailed plan to accomplish this task and submit this plan to the Vice President of Client Care Services.

Include the following in your plan and provide your rationale:

1. Staffing model within each client care unit for HIS related incidences

2. Costs of the entire training project

3. Training start and completion dates

4. Length and number of training sessions

5. Incorporation of additional training time as needed for individuals

6. Role that administration will play and benefits of having administration involved

*******This must be a 1250 word plan in APA format. Include 4 properly cited and formatted peer-reviewed references in your paper.

This should be saved as a word document namedhsa4191_ub_group#. (Example: hsa4191_ub_group3).

The book we are using for this course is –

  1. Balgrosky, J. (2011). Essentials of health information systems and technology. Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN: 9781284036114

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