2 3 discussion faa enforcement scenarios

1. Determine the status of the Pilots Bill of Right 2. If it has been enacted into law, identify the effective date of that law and all changes it makes to the investigation, accusation, and appeal process for FAR violations, and airman medical certification.

2. Identify and brief a recent full NTSB or U.S. Court of Appeals decision of an FAR violation case involving the operation of a civil unmanned aircraft, including:

a. The name of the case;

b. The entity (full NTSB or Court) deciding the case;

c. FAR violations charged;

d. Legal issues;

e. Decision-makers analysis of the issues; and

f. Decision

Your response to Topic 1 must be in APA utilizing correct grammar, spelling and sentence structure. An abstract is not required but a title page and references are required. I do not accept news media articles as an appropriate reference, although you might find them useful to locate authoritative references such as the government website.

Your response to Topic 2 must be in the IRAC format and no more than one page in length. This link will provide guidance on the format.

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