2 essays about how learning specific skills can bring new learning opportunities

Hello, I first want to say that this class is called First Year Experience and it’s a non credit class. Which means that I don’t need both essays to be super well written. With that said, I will provide a power point to help you with both essays. The first essay involves 3 question and each question has a 150-word requirement. This essay it due on March 27. Both essays have to be in MLA format

1. What have you learned about the Maverick Advantage that you did not know before this lesson? (150 words)

2. As a student of the college of health, which of the five components of the Maverick Advantage do you think is the most important to your future career path and why? (150 words)

3. How do you intend on graduating with the Maverick Advantage? (aka what is your plan for getting involved with three of the five components) (150 words)

The second essay is due on April 13. The same power point will help you out to answer this essay. There’s 3 question that must be answered with a 300-requirment for each question.

  1. Now that you have learned about the Maverick Advantage, what resources and opportunities to network are available to you as a result of being a student at UTA? How will you use these to further your professional development? (300 words)
  2. In looking at the various events, jobs, courses, etc., that your department or school/college offers, identify how engaging in one or more of these experiences will fulfill at least three of the distinguishing activities within the Maverick Advantage? (300 words)
  3. Identify 1-3 transferable skills you can gain from these activities and describe how they contribute towards your career development? (300 words)

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