2-page narrative draft and peer edit


2-page narrative draft and peer edit

As you draft your narrative essay (on having a beiief shattered), you will need some feedback about how the essay is working. By this Friday night, please POST your 2 page draft, and several classmates will read and give you gentle feedback. : ) Use these guidelines to give helpful feedback please. 🙂

essay structure

 Does the writer have a thesis that is arguable?

 Does the writer have an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion? 

What specific examples does the writer use to prove thesis:

body paragraph structure

Does each body paragraph have an effective topic sentences?

Does each paragraph have a reference to a specific source?

Is each piece of evidence used explained?

Does the writer link each body paragraph back to the thesis?

spelling, capitalization, grammatical errors, subject-verb agreement, run-ons or fragments?


Discussion: Strayed, Weisel, and Walker

无未读答复。11 个答复。

After reading the narrative essays of the above authors, write paragraphs about HOW THE ESSAYS were built. Describe the language, describe the themes, describe the tone, describe what was particularly moving. Which of the essays seemed strongest? Can you think of a few reasons why that might be?

Write a paragraph dedicated to each essay and write at least 8 sentences per paragraph. Thanks!

* As usual, post by Friday night @ 11, and then respond to 3 or more classmates by Sunday night. 

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