200-300 words

I’m trying to study for my Writing course and I need some help to understand this question.

200-300 words 25hrs

(writing proposals is the big goal for future works)

Remember you help me with a proposal project weeks ago, and the takeaway this week? They should all help you with this work. And the proposal project file here is the topic I’ve chosen. So try to follow the idea here. And the discussion is also the help information. So just follow the steps in the instruction file.

(the topic should be related to business/finance… and my family’s business is about medical instruments, so I focus on healthcare as the topic here, which you also listed for my proposal project before.)

BTW if you do not want to work on this topic, please try to finish this one, and let me know what topic you want to change, I’ll talk to my Prof. and change the topic. But remember it should be related to business.

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