200 words work

Part 1: Online interactive activity: Click on the highlighted words in the directions for part 1 below, which will take you to an activity for this week’s assignment. Take note of your score.

*Part 2: You are to write a summary as described in the directions below, and submit the assignment.
You will be graded according to this grading grid. Be sure to look it over carefully so that you can earn the best score!! 🙂

Directions for Part 1
: Please click on the link to the right: Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale to take the Self-esteem scale “test.” (If the link does not work for you, try typing this address into your search bar):

*Directions for Part 2: After you complete the quiz and check your score, write at least 200 words discussing your answers and your score.
In your write-up consider these questions:
Did your score surprise you?
Do you agree with the score you received?
What do you think has influenced your own self-esteem?
Describe a time that you may have tried to make a favorable self-presentation (as described on page 102).

Remember: Find and present facts and or evidence to support your answer. You may feel free to use resources on self-esteem from your text and in other online resources. Be sure to cite all sources using parenthetical citations along with the proper full reference at the end of the assignment. (Use APA style for the citations and references). There is an APA Help Video under the Start Here section of the class.

Grading Rubric for Weekly Assignment

Assignment Point Value
Adequately covers the topic -Writing is within the required minimum word count 40 Points
Organization-Uses correct APA format in paper as well as with citations and references 20 Points
Spelling/Grammar/Posts word count 20 Points

Uses 2 good scholarly resources

One may be your text

20 Points
Total: 100 Points

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