20_25 pages research paper and research presentation 10 slides

Firstly: this is a “Signature Assignment” for  M.P.P.A program, specific to this course  

Finalized Literature review (4-5 pages): both the Background & Purpose of Study ( which i already did and you have to follow the style and finish the rest of it dont deleated any thing of it you have to edited the RED part only and understand the BLUE part which is the proferssor comments on each red part )

Finalized Research Question(s)

Finalized Data Sources

Finalized Hypothesis

Finalized definitions of all variables that are included in your hypotheses

Conceptual definitions: what your variable represents based on theory. In other words, what you are trying to measure?

Operational definitions: how you will actually measure your variable. In other words, what metric(s) will you use?

Refined & finalized Data Analysis: name the type of data you’ll collect, and what statistical tests you might use to analyze it, software, etc.

Refined & finalized Sampling Design / Case Selection: how you will sample from a population or select participants, or which locations (cities, schools, etc.) you are choosing to study

Refined & finalized Instruments: examples of specific survey or interview questions – this should connect back to your operational definitions  

Refined & finalized Limitations

Step-by-step Process of Research Methods (outline or bullets ok, less than 1 page) 

Will include 20-25 References from scholarly sources( which i find 5 of it on my literature review and you have to find 15 more , you have to find the article that i got my sourse in that paper , you have to but my 5 article sources that i find and the 20 that you will include it in One  PDF File becuse the profersor need copy of all the sourses in file)

Notes on “Scholarly Sources”:

Scholarly sources including in the paper and scholarly peer-reviewed articles

Websites such as Wikipedia or History.com are NOT scholarly sources, nor are they acceptable for academic work at this level.

Newspaper and magazine articles can be used to supplement your scholarly sources but do not count to that number.

Governmental reports and non-governmental reports can be counted in some cases but should not make up the majority of your scholarly sources.

there is an sample how it shoud the paper be look like ( only as example dont copy or qoute anything from it Please )

second :Final Research Design and presentation 

You will be expected to create 10-15-minute presentation (including Q &A) of your Final Research Design and present it to the class in the final week(s) of the class. You should use PowerPoint (or other program). 


there is powerpoint show you how the presentation shoud be ! just 

due : 34 hours from now 

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