3 3 business organizations discussion

Post your thorough and complete answers to Scenario 1 and either Scenario 2 or 3. Provide the scenario numbers in your answer.

Scenario 1

You have been hired as the new assistant manager of a U.S. flying school.

On the first day on the job, you learn that the school considers all of its flight instructors to be independent contractors. The instructors teach students assigned to them by the school, according to a schedule managed by the school, in school classrooms and school aircraft, and must precisely follow the school’s lesson plans.

The school does not withhold payroll taxes or maintain workers’ compensation or unemployment compensation insurance on the instructors. When you ask why, the general manager replies, “It helps us keep our prices down so we can compete with the other flight schools. Why? Do you see a problem with that?”

Answer thoughtfully and in detail.

Scenario 2

You have been hired as a consultant to an entrepreneur who plans to open a UAS-oriented business in the U.S. that will sell, service and support drones, as well as providing training to operators. It is anticipated that the business will initially employ 24 individuals in various roles. The entrepreneur does not plan to play an active role in day-to-day management or operations.

The entrepreneur asks your advice on the best form or forms of business to protect her from personal liability in the event of an accident causing injury to customers or other non-employees. Advise her.

Answer thoughtfully and in detail.

Scenario 3

For a nation or union of nations other than the U.S.:

  • Identify the available alternative forms of business organization that are most similar to the U.S. corporation, LLC & LLP.
  • Provide hyperlinks to references relied on.

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