3 pages due in 12 hours


Core 110, Effective Writing



Write a 3 to 4 page Review in an semi-formal register. 

Minimum Word Count: 700

Maximum Word Count: 1000


MLA Format

Margins: 1”

Font: 12-point Courier New or New Times Roman



Name, date, class section in upper left-hand corner of 1st page.

No cover sheets, please!


Using one of the techniques outlined in class and gleaned from the reading, write a 3 to 4 page evaluation paper.  You will assess an album, movie, book, or restaurant and use details to support your argument. Your paper should:

     *Take a clear evaluative position

     *Use details from source material to support points

     *Utilize comparison strategies to support points

     *Use one additional source for support

     *Avoid asserting opinion without qualification

*Use logical transitions to guide the reader from thesis to     conclusion

Strive to write a paper that flows from sentence-to-sentence and paragraph-to-paragraph.


Transitions:                 20%

Thesis Statement:           20%

Evaluative position:         20%

Grammar, Spelling, Format:   15%

Details and comparison:      25%

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