3 pages essay read instructions carefully


-3 pages, double spaced, 12 font, page number, with footnotes plus references page

-it will be a distillation of your reading, research, and strategic thinking

-find two management decisions you disagree with and offer your alternative approach for each

-the paper should feature the background and outcome of each actual decision, the description of each of your alternatives, plus in detail some hypothetical results (plural not singular) that come out of your alternative.

-be creative and spontaneous on what you think people should have done

-due April 12th

-company: iQiyi (Chinese streaming platform)

-it should NOT be from the point of view of a company insider

-write it from the point of view of an observer or an unpaid consultant

-best focus on decisions that have been resolved, even if it was a poor decision (ex/ change of a release date to a date that just failed that could mean the movie would have failed on another day)

-know the outcome of the decision so that you could approach your alternative and present that

And the paper below is my midterm essay about iQiyi, u should read before start the work. The final outcome should perform a higher level than this example.

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