3 pages of an argument essay about abortion article provided

Write a three-paragraph essay:

¶1. Reconstruction: Explain in your own words either the author’s view or their argument, and the reasons the author uses to defend it.
¶2. Objection: Offer an objection either to the author’s view or to the argument used to defend the view (offer only one objection).
¶3. Reply: How might the author respond to the objection, and how convincing is the response?

Papers should be 12 pt. font, double-spaced. Only three paragraphs; no introductory paragraph, no concluding paragraph. Direct quotations should be kept to a minimum. No outside sources: only the text and thoughts.

3 pages.

1 page of reconstruction

1 page of objection

1 page or reply

it is necessary that I have at least 750 words, not counting my name and class information.

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