350 word for db and 2 125 responses

There is a 350-word minimum requirement for your Initial Post for Discussion 5.1 .Your two posts in response to your classmates 125 word minimum for your classmate’s responses.

Instructions: Please participate in the Health Aspects of Later Life discussion. For this discussion, use the information from the textbook, article, website, and the videos for Module 5 to answer the following:

1. Define what frailty is and how it affects one’s life? (Give several examples).

2. Discuss palliative care. Who can it benefit? And, do you have any experience with its use?

3. Elaborate on the caregiver article. How can a caregiver strike a balance in their lives?

4. After watching the Sister Madonna Buder: Ironman triathlete video, what is your impression? Do you know any active elders? What can you do to make your later years more like this woman?

5. Discuss your cultural beliefs regarding death and burial after watching videos of creative burial options.

6. You may add new, relevant information to this discussion in the form of a youtube, article or anecdote to earn the 100 possible points.

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