4-5 page paper about the coddling of the american mind Z

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Essays Need:

  • An introduction with a hook, background information and a thesis that directly respond to my prompt.
  • A minimum of 2 PIE body paragraphs with a clear Point that is an opinion, Information that is properly introduced quotes from the articles and Explanation that is thorough and connects the reader back to the point. These points should be based on two out of the four rhetorical strategies you have chosen to focus on for this essay. Remember that each body paragraph should have at least two pieces of information/explanation per paragraph.
  • Transitions to help the reader move through different paragraphs and examples.
  • A conclusion that restates your thesis and provides a final thought.
  • Do not worry about MLA formatting for this timed draft.
  • You may chose to focus one of your body paragraphs as the Counterargument & Refutation paragraph.

You to have to use the articles I am attaching as your reference to quote and as work cited page.

You make also use “For Argument’s Sake” | Daniel H. Cohen Ted Talk

And “Outrage Court: Trigger Warnings” | The Daily Show

You also have have to Ehtos, Pathos, and Logic

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