4 Microeconomics journal

1.     READ a newspaper or news magazine on a daily basis.

2.     CHOOSE any current article (written on or after January 1, 2016) that appears to be relevant to the topics being studied in class. However, you can not choose the same article I assign on the online discussion forum.

3.     FORMAT: 1) Summary: summarize chosen your chosen article; 2) Critical Analysis: critically analyze it; 3) Critical Question: pose a significant question from your article.

4.     LENGTH of the paper must be one or two pages (double spaced). All papers must be type written.

5.     PLAGIARISM: Every part of the analysis must be your own writing. If you plagiarize, you will receive a zero grade for the assignment.

6.     ATTACH a copy of the article along with your analysis.

7.     You need to write five papers .

8.     TOPICS: Choose one of the following topics or any current microeconomic issue that is relevant to the topic that is being covered in this class.    You can not write more than two papers with the same topic.    1) Market Prices. 2) Price Elasities. 3) Consumer Choices.    4) Monopoly. 5) Antitrust Case. 6) Merger. 7) Labor Market Discrimination.    8) Income Inequality. 9) Health care. 10) Firm or Industry Analysis.

9.     GRADING: GRADING will be based on 1) clear presentation of your ideas; 2) extent to which you follow the above directions.

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