4 page paper on marketing and personal goals using maslows theory

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As you are now aware, people are motivated to perform behaviors for many different reasons. You are often motivated to eat food by bodily conditions such as low blood sugar. A cue in the environment, such as a potential job listing you like, can help motivate you to be successful in college courses. Emotions, such as fear, joy or surprise often underlie your list of behaviors. Motives are triggered by stimulus, hardship, unfulfilled needs or sometimes an incentive.

For this assignment, I would like for you to reflect on your education. Specifically thinking (and then writing) about your personal motivations to get a college degree.

(1) What is the ultimate goal you would like to achieve? HOW are you working to obtain it?

(2) Explain your motivation using Maslow AND the concept of answered needs. Describe why this goal is important! (using the theories!!) How do theories of motivation explain your behavior?

(3) Now discuss how the meeting of this/these goals impact the various selves (meaning you have to define the selves and how each is being impacted). Which do you think influences your motivation the most? (NOTE – the selves construct is NOT Freud’s theory of the psychic apparatus)

You will be graded on grammar, punctuation, in-depth and thoughtful analysis and application of course material. 1.5 or 2-point spacing, and with default margins.

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