I need some assistance with these assignment. social and emotional development of gifted children Thank you in advance for the help! It is difficult to identify the non-academic exceptional talents of a gifted child such as music, dramatics, or arts. In specific, “Gifted children interpret life differently from others” (Distin, pp. 22-23, 2006). They have different perceptions and beliefs regarding the events and issues of life. They like doing things in a different manner (Distin, pp. 22-23, 2006).

Gifted children have a great potential to be the achievers. They need to be motivated to be the achievers by giving challenges in the area of their interest. If a gifted child does not perform exceptionally in school, even then he/she might be achieving something at home. Gifted children have an ability to learn easily and quickly and their retaining power is so good that they are able to succeed academically. Gifted children are highly sensitive. One minute, they may be behaving like an adult and the next minute, they might be crying like a kid on a matter that is of no significant importance for others. Gifted children have great leadership abilities as they are more creative and idealistic they can lead a group of people very well by recognizing their skills and abilities and directing them accordingly.

The needs of the gifted children are more likely to be similar to those of the normal children as they both come across the same development stages in life. However, few problems and needs are more likely to appear among gifted children that need consideration in the social and emotional development of gifted children (Distin, pp. 157, 2006). Some of the common problems that arise because of the special characteristics or strengths that the special children posses include being irresistible at times when they are full of ideas and as they have a better learning power they expect the same from others, therefore, becomes impatient.&nbsp.&nbsp.