750 to 1500 word essay food insecurity in the united states

It is important that you follow all steps.

you may use MLA or APA.

Who is the most affected by food insecurity? Discuss the various obstacles that could impact food insecurity. Please cite at least three different sources from the reading packet in your response. Do not cite sources outside the reading packet.

MINIMAL ESSAY REQUIREMENTS See below for expanded details ï‚·

Read ALL the articles in your chosen Reading Packet. We will assume that you have done so. ( all links are down bellow) ï‚·

You MUST write your essay in response to the prompt (question) assigned to you when you “Start Essay.” 

You MUST cite within your essay from at least 3 of the 5-7 different URL sources in your chosen Reading Packet. ï‚·

You MUST use the Reading Packet sources to develop your argument. ï‚·

You MUST complete the “Works Cited” box for all sources you use within your essay. 

You may NOT use or cite any sources outside of those in your Reading Packet. ï‚·

You MUST follow the directions “When writing your essay” that appear on the essay writing web page.

Read your essay as you have typed it. Ask yourself: ï‚·

Can I immediately see the central idea in what I have written? Do my ideas follow logically? (analysis) ï‚·

Have I incorporated and explained citations from the articles in my Reading Packet? ï‚·

Is my argument convincing? ï‚·

Do I include transition words from one thought and/or paragraph to another? ï‚·

Does my conclusion not only summarize, but also return to my central idea with new insight? (synthesis) ï‚·

Is my grammar and my use of academic English correct? (Check your spelling to confirm spell-check.) ï‚·

Are my citations in the correct format specified by my Reading Packet? Is my “works cited” page complete?

The structure of your essay should include ï‚·

Your introduction with your central idea ï‚·

The body of your essay, which is the development, or the explanation of your ideas, with citations from the articles in your Reading Packet ï‚·

Citations from 3 or more articles in your Reading Packet as they relate to your position on the topic (you may support or refute arguments presented by the Reading Packet authors, but you may not use or cite outside sources) ï‚·

Explanations how the citations you include support your position, and ï‚·

A conclusion that summarizes your argument, and returns to your central idea with new insight.

The minimum essay word count is 750 words. Submitted essays with fewer words will be automatically rejected and a “rejection” email will be sent to you. Likewise the maximum essay word count is 1,500 words.

The “Works Cited” section is NOT included in this total

  • Do NOT provide a header or essay title or include an abstract.
  • You MUST make sure the word count of your essay has met the length requirement in the ESSAY WORD COUNT box below. Not all tools and applications have the same word count algorithm.
  • Before submitting, make the type font size uniform in both the Essay and Works Cited text boxes.
  • Work around any lack of sophisticated word processor features. For example: To indent the first line of a paragraph hit the space bar five times; and so on.
  • We assume that you have critically read ALL the articles in your Reading Packet, even though you are only required to cite from at least three of them to support your argument. Our evaluations are based on your knowing the ENTIRE collection of articles.

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