8 2 discussion corporations how closely held corporations differ from publicly traded corporations

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The Situation

Would Sally prefer a closely held or publicly traded company? Discuss this question using all available information from your text and what we already know about Sally and her business from previous modules. Consider her business background, her education, her personality, her vision and goals, her drive and determination, her attention to details, and any other traits or clues gleaned from the Sally Case Study.

Include textbook Chapters on Corporate form. For discussion,
corporations may have one or more shareholders or owners. The type of corporation determines the number of stockholders, the way stocks are traded, and the requirements stated by the Secretary of State (for each state), and the Internal Revenue Service code.

Helpful Documents

Sally has found several documents to help with picking which type of corporation to form for the business you are building with her. Feel free to use this information. She has shared them here:

In your discussion posting:

Your Initial Post

  • Please describe the differences between the two types of corporations. Review the helpful documents that Sally gave you to read and utilize the structure and language used in these documents to frame and construct your arguments.
  • Include a pro and con chart that describes the advantages and disadvantages of the two forms of corporations.
  • Discuss why you believe Sally would prefer one form of a corporation over the other.

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