9 5 reader response to quot the enormous radio quot by john cheever

Hello Professor,

1. I will post the question of the discussion with all the requirements needed, so please read the question carefully and respond to it with your own words and I don’t need any outside sources and I don’t need any plagiarism please.

2. I will attach the article that we have to read and do the discussion at the end after I post the question, so please read the article more than once and respond to the question.

3. I need a lot of information and details in this discussion from the article, so please be careful and take your time when you write it.

4. Please read the article first and then start to do the discussion.

9.5 Reader Response to “The Enormous Radio” by John Cheever

Look at the Attached document, and use it to address the following questions:

  • What issues about privacy (Links to an external site.) does Cheever raise in this story?
  • What are the differences in the responses the characters are having?
  • How might we use this story to reflect on our own experiences?

When answering these, think about using full paragraphs, and quoting passages from the argument that comes to mind that help support your explanations.

The Reader Response will be graded by a simple rubric you can see here, and must be done by the time we review the piece in class. Consider how you might use the Reader Responses to advance your work on the papers we’re working on.

This is in a Discussion forum, and other can respond to what you write, but having the exchange of ideas in here is not required. However, I strongly encourage you to return to this Discussion later in the week after you’ve posted your own response, and to read what others are say. Also, look at what I’m writing to others in response; a response to one of you is a response to all of you, and my posts often start with highlighted text, if that makes it easier to find.

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