A philosophy essay

This is an applied ethics paper, that is, you will be using philosophy to explore a moral issue located in a text. Choose one of the literary selections included in the module. Each selection is from a famous author and deals with an ethical issue. The assignment is to explain that issue in the context of the story, using critical thinking and exegesis to explore the conflict and what is at stake. I recommend reading through a few pieces and to respond more to the story that strikes you the most rather than the topic.

The essay should be written according to the following criteria:

  • a maximum of one page in length (no more than 500 words) in 12 point font (you can use whatever

spacing or font or margins you like, but nothing printed on a second sheet of paper will be read).

  • Half of the paper should be a summary of the ethical issue in the context of the selection
  • Half of the paper should be your own critical analysis of what is at stake and what should be done
  • Critical analysis section may involve one of the following:

v  Critique of a character’s argument or conclusion

v  Defense of a character’s argument or conclusion

v  Implications of author’s conclusion

v  Discussion of a distinction made

v  Possible interpretations of an unclear part of the reading

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