Adult Health 315 – Neuro Diagnostics DF

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Please be sure to read instructions for Discussion Board Posting before you post.

Please be sure to use APA formatting for citations/references for factual information. You do not have to format the post (double spacing, running head)

This assignment is to demonstrate teaching patients and families about the tests used to diagnose nervous system (and other) disorders. I expect each student to use professional material and to use everyday/lay language. Patients and families do not know “medical-speak,” so you are to explain the testing using words they can understand. You are also teaching your fellow students about the testing and these diagnostic tests will be fair game for exams, so please complete the assignment with enough detail.

This assignment is your opportunity to teach each other about some of the testing that will be used with patients with neurological disorders. You can use your text and outside materials (not Wikipedia, WEB MD) to explain:


– What the test is

– How it is completed

What it is used for

– How to prepare the patient for the test and how to assess and care for the patient after the testing is done.

Please be thorough and complete for full credit and use terminology that your peers and patients can understand.

To get full points, the post must:

Be detailed and thorough

Include a picture or video to enhance learning

Discuss the test in terms of its use for neurological problems

Include citations and references

The book is a good place to start, but you may use professional references (NOT WEB MD or wikipedia) to round out the information

**Please include a picture that will help others understand the teaching**

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