advocacy project

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You will be required to prepare and present an 8 page reasearch-based advocacy project of your choice for any issue facing schools, students, faculty, or school counselors using the “Advocacy in Action” questions found in Stone (2006) on pages 141–143. The focus is that you will choose a project that you can present during a professional development event. For all sections of this project, you must provide evidence- based practices and provide the research to back up what you are proposing. Thoroughness, foresight, resourcefulness, and depth of thought are key to an effective and successful research-based advocacy project. Be prepared to fully and explicitly discuss your project in class and turn in one PDF file that entails any video clips, handouts, PowerPoint/Keynote slides, scholarship/program links, other embedded links, etc. Here is the outline:

1. Introduction

  1. Advocacy Project
    1. Issue (as related to school, students, faculty, and/or school counselor)
    2. Impact of issue
    3. What happens if issue not addressed
  2. Advocacy in Action Questions and Responses
  3. Conclusion
  4. Appendices (if applicable)

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