agribusiness management

I need a term paper on servant style leadership. This is for an Agriculture class so relating it to management in the Agriculture business is what I need.

Paper will need to be 6 double spaced pages no bigger than 12 font with 1 inch margins and numbered pages. You must include proper citations within your paper and include a bibliography at the end.

Your choices for a topic include (but are not limited to) a particular management style, the management organization of a particular company, or a detailed plan for the management system you would use to operate your own company. You will need to have at least five (5) sources for whatever topic you choose. You will need to utilize the APA guidelines for citing these sources. This term paper will count 15percent of your final course grade and will require significant effort to do well. A short non-detailed essay with no citations will result in a poor grade at best.

It will be much preferred that you complete this paper using “Word”. There are many volumes of information on the internet for management a Google search turns up over a BILLION results while “management styles” turns up almost 50 MILLION results. There is plenty of information out there.

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