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All About Me

After reading the introduction to Week 1 and completing your required studies, visit the Barbarian’s Online Test Page (, 2010) and take the Mental Muscle Diagram Indicator (MMDI) Personality Test and the Humanmetrics Jung Test. (Have fun – these tests are free!)

Post your results (your Myers-Briggs type and a short explanation) for the Similarminds Jung Test and the MMDI so your peers can see where each of you scored on the inventories.

Address this question:

  • What two insights about yourself did you discover through the inventories?

Then respond to one of the following:

  • How might such information be helpful in working with others at your school or workplace?
  • With the inventory results in mind, what do you see as one of your greatest challenges in working as a leader of diverse groups of people in your school, district, or workplace?
  • Why is completing a personal inventory important in organizational change?

Note: Peer responses are not required for this activity.

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Reference (2010). Barbarian’s online test page. Retrieved from

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