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Short response paper for GRADUATE level International Political Economy course

Paper must be 750 words, double-spaced. Must use the book ‘Global Political Economy’ by Theodore Cohn (7th Edition) to answer question — FROM CHAPTERS 2,3,4,&5.

Do you believe that global governance basically conforms to the liberal view of IPE – whether orthodox or interventionist – or does it appear to you to be closer to what realists or structuralists would expect?

Please sketch out the basics of global governance in your answer (who or what governs? how?)

In your answer, you should utilize at least one of these key course concepts/ideas

  • KIEOs
  • absolute vs. relative gains
  • world systems theory

In your essay,

(1) make a defensible claim(s) or thesis in response to the question

(2) offer specific support for your claim(s). Include at least one piece of evidence from two different institutions, countries, or other international actors

(3) Clearly explain how your evidence in fact does support your thesis

(4) Respond to what you think is the best argument AGAINST the one you favor

Again, must use the book ‘Global Political Economy’ by Theodore Cohn (7th Edition) to answer question.

Citations are needed ONLY if facts or support for the argument are drawn from sources outside of ‘Global Political Economy’ by Theodore Cohn (7th Edition). In that case, it will be necessary to cite the source with a footnote. Any commonly used form of citation is acceptable.

only use the book. However, if you feel it necessary to use an outside source to provide an example or strengthen an argument, feel free to do so — if you do, make sure to cite those sources of course.

Yes I do own a copy of the book.

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