An executive Summary of a health program

I’m stuck on a Health & Medical question and need an explanation.

Before you start doing this assignment I hope you can read the assignment requirements entirely I posted below and follow it to make sure we would not need to revise basic issue later. Choose one of the three ideas in the attchment “3 ideas”. I’ve made a very close instruction in the attachments above already so Please follow them closely and welcome to reach me out if you have anything unclear before or during the process of the work. Thank you.

This assignment is write an Executive Summary. An Executive Summary is ideally a one- or two-page overview of your program, which presents a concise and convincing argument for the success of your program concept. Select one of the project ideas you submitted and expand on the idea information outlined in the earlier assignment using the attached format to provide an initial executive summary for your program. Make sure go over the evaluation while you are writing in case you may miss some parts a successful program needed.

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