Analytic essay that Identifies the Playwright Concept of Savage in Limbo

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Read: Savage in Limbo, A play by John Patrick Shanley (Blackboard)

Refer back to Chapter 3: How to Read a Play *

Write an analytic essay that:

  • Identifies the Playwright Concept of Savage in Limbo
  • What Characters and/or Concepts were the Protagonist and Antagonist of this play and WHY?
  • Cite examples of how Playwright John Patrick Shanley applied elements of “Aristotle Poetics” from Chapter 3
  • What other plays or films does this play remind you of…why?

*All readings and assignment criteria posted to the “Contents” page of our course’s Blackboard site.


  • Craft your individual responses to the prompts into a cohesive essay. Give your essay a thesis-based title
    • The responses can be in any order.
  • Cite passages from the assigned dramatic and academic texts, as well as your own research sources, to support your thesis and analysis
  • Include a full heading on all assignments–full name, Course name & #, Date, Assignment #

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