Analyze the Validity and Reliability

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This is my assignment. Also, I posted one research article below. The pages should be 2-3pages.

My topic question is What are the consumer attitudes towards fast fashion?

Validity and Reliability

Analyze the validity and reliability of one research article you found.

For this assignment, select one peer-reviewed, research article you have found in your research and analyze it, focusing most heavily on the validity and reliability. Using what you have learned about internal and external validity and reliability from this week’s materials, provide an in-depth analysis and discuss the suitability of this article as it applies to your literature review. Any resources you paraphrase or cite in your analysis need to be cited (both in-text and in a Reference section).

In a Word document, include:

  • The APA citation for the article.
  • A BRIEF (i.e. no more than one paragraph) summary of what the research is about.
  • A detailed analysis of the validity and reliability of the study.
  • The suitability and applicability of this article for your literature review.

*Please send me it by February 21, Friday at 10 P.M.

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