Ancient Greek Philosophy

Complete all three parts of this assignment.

Part A

Use the matrix to analyze Plato’s and Aristotle’s theories of epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics.

In the first column, using the readings about Plato’s search for knowledge and his theories of reality and morality, discuss how contemporary people may be living in a cave and which steps, based on Plato’s model of the Divided Line, will be necessary for their enlightenment and to lead a good life.

In the next column, based on Aristotle’s science of the first philosophy, analyze how Aristotle’s theories of knowledge, reality, and morality may guide contemporary people to know the world and to live well.

Write at least four sentences or bullet points to help you organize your thoughts. Remember to use appropriate course-level APA formatting in any citations from the text.

Part B

Evaluate how you use either or both of the methods described in Part A in your own life in 350 words.

Part C

Choose from one of two options to deliver Part C of your assignment.

·         Option 1 is to complete the assignment as a standard written assignment.

·         Option 2 is to complete the assignment as a dialogue as could have happened between Plato and Aristotle.

Compare and contrast, in 350 to 700 words, how Plato and Aristotle approached questions of knowledge, reality, and morality.


APA-formatted citation

APA-formatted citation

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