Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

Option #1: Natural Disaster Requiring Federal Disaster Declaration

For the final Portfolio Project, Option #1, select a natural disaster that required a Federal Disaster Declaration. Apply the four phases from the FEMA “Integrating Man-made Hazards into Mitigation Planning” to develop a mitigation plan for the hazard. Discuss the benefits of the mitigation plan. See the project requirements below:

· Introduction: Identify hazard and community for evaluation

· Phase 1: Organize community support

· Phase 2: Assess risk

· Phase 3: Develop a mitigation plan

· Phase 4: Implement the plan and monitor progress

· Conclusion: Discuss the benefits of the mitigation plan.



Instruction for this paper:


Annotated Bibliography


Write a minimum of five (5) articles for your final Project (whichever option you have chosen to complete).


Write an annotated bibliography that succinctly discusses the sources, why they were selected, and how they support the main premise of the Portfolio Project paper.

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