annotated bibliography 803

Create an Annotated Bibliography which is APA (7th edition) formatted and includes the following:

  • At least 10 entries from scholarly sources
  • At a minimum provide the following for your annotations (review summaries)o Brief summary of the research or article
    o How the research study or article relates to your topic o If reference is based on research study, also include: Research method, Sample tested, Findings
  • For APA formatting, view the sample Annotated Bibliography that is posted in this week’s Module
  • Because it is anticipated that you may revise your referenced sources as you draft and revise your research paper, it is okay if you use different referenced sources with your final version of your research paper.

Research topic: How classroom size in elementary schools across the nation affects quality of education for students

Question: Does the current classroom size limit, if any, in elementary schools in the United States, affect the quality of learning for students?

Full criteria attached.

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