answer essay questions 6

1. Give a definition of ethical business behavior, explain the components

involved in making ethical decisions? Demonstrate that you understand

the three models of management ethics – moral, immoral, and amoral –

give an example from your personal experience or from industry of each


2. Which is most important in ethics principles – consequences or duty,

discuss. A lively debate is going on in several parts of our society

concerning whether business ethics can and should be taught in business

schools? Do you think ethics should and can be taught in B schools.

Justify your point with reasons.

3. What is technological determinism, explain by giving examples? Do you

think that the society is intoxicated with technology? Does this pose

special problems for business with respect to ethics of technology? Will

this intoxication blind people to ethical considerations in business?

4. Do you think business is abusing its power with respect to invasion of

privacy of consumers? Is surveillance of consumers n the marketplace a

fair practice? Which particular practice do you think is the most


5. As an MNC seeks to balance and honor the ethical standards of both the

home and host countries, conflicts inevitably will arise. What criteria

do you think managers should consider as they try to decide whether to

use home or host country ethical standards? Differentiate between a

bribe and a grease payment. Give an example of each.

6. What are the major strategies companies might employ in improving global

business ethics? What are the key steps research has shown are important

to successful company anticorruption efforts?

7. Briefly explain how business and government represent a clash of ethical

systems (belief systems)? Explain with which would most business

students identify? Is there one solution to the issue of government

control versus business freedom, why or why not?

8. Why does government see a need to regulate? Differentiate between

economic and social regulation? In general, do you think the benefits of

government regulation exceed the costs? In what areas, if any, do you

think the costs exceed the benefits?

9. What does corporate accountability mean to you? How important is

corporate political transparency?

10. What do you think about the idea of codes of conduct? Give three

reasons why an organization ought to have a code of conduct, and three

reasons why an organization should not have a code of conduct? On

balance, how do you regard codes of conduct?

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