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chapter 14 male or female is gender learned

Male or female? Transgender issues are much more public now that many individuals are expressing their transgender choices. Gender refers to one’s identification as a male or female; it is not an issue of sexuality. Our gender is a big part of our identity, but how is one’s gender determined? If behaviorists and social learning theorists are correct, then through learning and modeling, one’s gender can be learned.

View the following 2 part video. What do you think drives gender identification? Where does behaviorism fall short in its approach to the human species?

David Reimer: Raised as a Girl Video.mp4

chapter 14 video games critical thinking

People argue that both modeling and habituation occurs through watching violent movies and playing video games. It is argued that children, not yet fully developed, ar especially prone to the effects of violence. After viewing the video below, discuss your viewpoint. Be sure to address both modeling and habituation in your answer. Develop your answer thoroughly.

Video Games.html

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