answer the following question 134

Using your Google account – request access to the Google Demo Account here: For all questions, please change the date range to February 1st, 2020 – February 29th, 2020 Answer the following questions:

• What were the top 5 Acquisition Channels in February?

• Under search, what does Not Set mean?

• What were the top 3 referring sources in February?

• What were the top 3 pages in terms of traffic in February?

• What were the top 3 landing pages in February

• What were the top 3 exit pages in February?

• How many goal completions in February?

• What is the URL of the top 2 goal completions in February?

Second one

Please read this article (view article) and provide responses to the following 3 questions: • 3 things that you learned or took away • 2 things that you can apply to your company • 1 thing that you didn’t really understand (for class discussion)

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