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1. What is plagiarism? What are your experiences with plagiarism? Have you ever seen it? Do you know of anyone who has been caught plagiarizing? What can you do to make sure you avoid plagiarism? What are the consequences of being caught committing plagiarism in this class? Why is making sure no one plagiarizes so important?

Please submit your essay as an attachment, must be submitted either as a word. doc, pdf. or google.doc. Please do not submit as a pages. doc – I cannot open pages. doc in Canvas.

Please make sure that you allow your essay to be viewed through the plagiarism checker by checking the box confirming that the work is your own. This is how we use VeriCite/Unicheck – please do not buy or download or set up an account with either VeriCite or Unicheck as it is not required. By checking the box confirming the work the is being submitted is your own, you will be able to check to make sure your work isn’t plagiarized.

Please submit this assignment in 250 words -350 words – only.

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