answer these questions for sociology they re super easy it s just a lot of words but super super easy

please in 2 different documents titled (HW1, HW2)answer these questions for both chapters, each chapter in a document different answers. based on the chapter provided in the picture:

write a one-page, double-spaced reaction paper. Please include the following; what did you learn that was interesting, how can you apply what you have learned to your personal life, and did you agree or disagree with the author’s point of view? Why?

Then please respond to this in a different document titled (Discussion) based on the document titled “Religion, Education, and Population“:

We are going to look at Religion, Education and Medicine in the following chapters. Sociologists would consider religion a socially shared organized way of thinking, feeling and acting according to one’s idea of existence. Religion can be rituals or relationship. A global view of religion is worship of good over evil. Some religious organizations that we have adapted are churches, denominations, sects and cults.

Sociologists see the Functionist viewing religions as some sort of social change and helping in times of uncertainty. The Conflict perspective views religion as difficult to maintain the staus quo-in other words, how do we continue to follow the rules established by the religious organization.

In Education, we would look at the difference between learning and education. Learning is a permanent change in behavior, whereas education is training in an institution. The effectiveness of schools is pretty important. California tends to get a bad wrap on education and in some ways we can do better in the classroom helping children and in other ways-we do a pretty good job! Especially our elementary school teachers:)

The climate in the classroom is one of the most important perspectives I believe-how the instructor makes you feel in the room. Either positive and supportive or demeaning and negative. The care, compassion and concern from the teacher should be evident.

The Functionalist says that schooling helps with social integration and socialization. The Conflict perspective says that only certain kids receive the help they need. The Symbolic Interactionist theorist might look at the communication in the classroom and the way the student represents education.

Lastly, we will look at Medicine. This is pretty applicable especially right now! The US explanation of medicine is that it is responsible for heath and disease. The US has an expectation of cure-we use risky procedures, expensive methods, and have invasive surgeries. The US is a disease-cure system.

We would look at the relationship between doctor and patient and how medicine is distributed to each individual. The controversy has been the rising health care costs for patients to receive the assistance that they need.

The Functionalist says that we play a “sick role” to be exempt from activites and behaviors performed. This is like an excused-day. The Conflict perspective says that the better the social class, the better the health care (discrimination). The Symbolic Interactionist views “sickness” as a condition that we attach meaning to. We would study this as the medicalization of deviance.

Insights: When looking at Medicine and the virus we as a world are dealing with, how can we help those in the medical profession right now if you agree that they are overwhelmed, overworked, and desperately looking for a cure?

Self: Without naming any names, give one an example of a teacher you might have struggled with growing up (or witnessed another student struggling with) and one example of a teacher you think did an excellent job. What did the first teacher do poorly and what did the second teacher do correct in your opinion?

Then please respond to these 2 responses:

1:With the coronavirus pandemic, all health care workers are extremely overwhelmed and overworked. As my mom is a therapist in the hospital, I know that she is overwhelmed with how crazy the hospital is and worried that she might get the virus since she walks the halls where patients with coronavirus are, and she is risking her life to care for patients who could potentially have it. I think that in order to support the doctors and nurses who are caring for these patients, I think it is necessary for us to all stay home as much as possible and limit our exposure to other people to decrease the chance of contracting the virus. At this point, everyone should know that they should not be hanging around in big groups and everyone should wash their hands. The main point of social distancing it to decrease the numbers of cases, and therefore help hospitals not be overloaded with patients all at once so they can take care of all their patients. Health care providers are risking their lives to save others, so we need to do our part and take care of ourselves.

Throughout my education, I have had all sorts of teachers whom I have really enjoyed and learned from, and there have also been a few who I really struggled with. One teacher who I really benefited from was an English teacher from my junior college before coming to Concordia. At first, I heard things about how she was a really hard teacher and that she wasn’t fair so I was nervous at first. Turns out her class was extremely difficult but she set the bar high and I knew that from the beginning. She expected a lot from us, but she made sure to give us everything we needed in order to get there. Her class was very conversational and she made the class split up in different groups all the time to complete different projects. I really enjoyed being able to interact with the class and learn in a group. I also became a much better writer because she pushed me to a higher standard for myself and gave me incredible feedback on my writing. On the contrary, I have also had some bad experiences with teachers. I had a teacher who was his first year teaching and he had no idea what he was doing. The assignments were all based on his beliefs and if you questioned anything there was a lot of bias and hate toward any contradictory thoughts. The class was supposed to be a Socratic style class but there was no order. Also, the teacher was very unorganized and I had no idea what my grade was until after the class was over. I think that this was mostly due to being a new teacher, but the lecture was not planned and the assignments were unreasonable given the tools we had. The reason I had a good experience with the other one was that I knew the other teacher wanted me to succeed and she gave me the resources whereas the other teacher gave me no help and would give me a grade without explaining what I did wrong.

2:The world is currently dealing with the Coronavirus or COVID-19, which has been overwhelming for the medical profession as they desperately try to look for a cure while also attempting to treat those who are affected. According to Hughes and Kroehler, diseases inhibit a society’s ability to function correctly (375). People can help those in the medical profession deal with the virus by following the stipulated guidelines on social interaction to avoid further infections. For instance, maintaining social distance helps minimize contact with infected people and reduces the number of sick people that the doctors, nurses, and other medical staff will have to treat. Washing hands and sanitizing is another initiative that people can undertake to assist medical professionals in dealing with the virus. Adhering to the guidelines will ensure that the safety of doctors is not overworked when attending to many individuals who contract the virus daily.

In school, students encounter different types of teachers. In high school, I experienced one teacher who taught music, and his approach to teaching was exceptional. He was a social person who got along easily with students and adopted creative explanations, which helped the learners grasp lessons easily. His approach was unique and he developed different and creative ways to deliver an explanation. On the other hand, in grade school, there was this teacher who was biased towards slow learners. Even though she did not reveal the discrimination directly, her contempt towards some students who could not grasp things easily was apparent. According toHughes and Kroehler, the education system should instill the dominant values of society and shape a universal perspective (365). Our teacher, however, would get agitated whenever weaker students erred rather than devising ways to enable them to learn best. The lessons were not fun at all for these students since their experience was miserable, and they always appeared demotivated. This demotivation lowered the morale of others in the class as well and, in a way, this negatively impacted our learning outcomes. In essence, a good teacher can make all the difference.

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