answer to this discussion prompt then write replies to these 2 comments from my peers

Reflect on what you have learned about critical reading and analysis.

  • What was the biggest challenge for you in this course? How did you overcome this challenge?
  • Will what you have learned in this course change how you read? Why or why not?

In addition to your main response, you must also post substantive responses to at least two of your classmates’ posts in this thread. Your responses should include elements such as follow-up questions, further exploration of topics from the initial post, or requests for further clarification or explanation on some points made by the classmates.

Comment 1

I think my biggest challenge of this course was time management, when the course had first started my goal was to make sure that I was able to complete my discussions and my papers towards the beginning of the week, as time passed I sometimes felt as if i was racing the clock working more at the end of the week for some assignments which was frustrating. I tried my best to overcome this by properly managing my time, if I would work towards the beginning of the week I would try to set aside sometime during or after work to at least get my discussion posts in, and then follow up and respond to peers the following days after. I feel like I learned a lot in this course, about sentence variety, and the different types of papers like the analytical paper. I will take everything that I learned in this course and utilize these things for capstone and others papers I will write throughout nursing school, there are many things we can take and make sure to implement as we continue on not only in school, but in our profession.

Comment 2

My biggest challenge in this course and in my college career in general is writing papers. I have always disliked writing papers. I am the best procrastinator in this field. The structure of this course helped me overcome this challenge. It was a lot easier on me to complete the work in stages such as the outline, annotated bibliography, rough draft and finally the final draft. Each week I was able to complete these tasks because they were easier to swallow. In the future, if I am assigned a paper, I will have to plan out ahead with deadlines when I have to have certain stages complete. If I can mimic this strategy I think I will be fine. The peer review portion was very helpful with my writing so I will also outsource a classmate or friend to proof read and edit my papers.

This course has made me a more analytical reader. When I review an ad, speech, essay, blog or article, I find myself examining the content for the purpose, mood, style, etc.. It can be somewhat annoying sometime because reading should be enjoyable but it’s good to analyze what were are mentally consuming. I am able to turn on/off that analytical feature when I realize why I am reading something.

Overall, this course has built my confidence in writing papers and helped me analyze readings on another level. I also learned a great deal from my peers and the thoughts they have shared in the discussion posts.

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