apa paper each question should be answered in a maximum 2 page short answer essay consisting of a short introduction body and conclusion

Question 1: Why is fiscal policy important at the state and local level? Name and describe two ways that it differs at this level from the federal level. Compare and contrast the state budget with the budget of a city (or municipality) from the same state (Use the state of OREGON) – name and describe three differences that are apparent to you in terms of where budget priorities are spent.

Question 2: States often play a strong role in providing public policies that impact the lives of people. What do you consider to be the major challenges facing states in terms of health and welfare, education and corrections policies? Describe 2-3 challenges that states face, especially in light of the fiscal constraints that they face. Feel free to use examples from the books.

books are :

Governing the Evergreen State: Political Life in Washington – answers/info from chapter 11 Cornell W. Clayton, Todd Donovan, and Nicholas P. Lovrich 978-0874223552 Y
Politics in the American States, A Comparative Analysis
answers/info from chapters 10 and 11
Gray, Virginia, Russell L. Hanson, Thad Kousser

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