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Thanks for stating your understanding of the interconnectedness of the nervous system and the brain and how this can relate to mental health. Tell me, how important do you think it is for the psychotherapists to also understand the brain scanning techniques (e.g., MRI, PET, EEG) used to take a live look at the living brain? How does the text support your response? Explain your answer.

Reply# 2
As I agree with some of your statements, I have to disagree that after conducting the necessary test, a practitioner can put aside the speculated diagnosis on the surface. As mentioned in my previous post with my 12 yr. old being diagnosed with a rare embronic tumor (D-Net Tumor), only after 9 months of having multiple MRI’s and EEG that did not show anything, he was diagnosed with having a cyst. It was not until he had a Grand Mal seizure that almost took his life, is when things changed.We went through the HMO route, for 9 months, while the tumor was growing. We were told “he has a cyst and the body will absorb it”. It was not until after the seizure we took him to CHOC hospital and the top neurosurgeon took my son under his care and found the 2.5cm tumor.

I bring up this story because I do not want another mother to have to see their child go through (3) cranotomies before the age of 13. If my son was exhibiting behavioral problems and we took him to a psychologist, even with the test to rule out lesions it would not have been caught with the HMO facilities we were contracted with. Having a well trained psychologist knowing that a headache even small with stomach upset could signals a neurological problem. A well trained psychologist would not be tunnel vision but would treat the whole person, body mind and spirit.

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