apa style paper software system engineering process

The first step will be to select a hypothetical organization and software category for your Software Development Process Improvement Plan. Examples would be a company that develops its own software for internal use, a company that develops software for external sale, or a company that provides contractual software development. This organization will be used as the basis for each of the assignments throughout the course and should conform to the following guidelines:

  • Nontrivial: The selected organization should be large enough to allow reasonable exercise of the software development processes you will identify.
  • Domain knowledge: You should be familiar with the organization or software category to allow focus on the software development processes without significant time required for domain education.
  • Accessibility: You should have good access to the people and other information related to the organization or software category because this will be an important part of the process improvement.


  • Project outline (1 page)
    • Identify the company and category of software developed.
    • List process improvement goals.
    • Material can be taken from the approved proposal submitted to instructor.
    • Be sure this project is approved by the instructor.
  • Process improvement background (2–4 pages)
    • Research current industry-accepted software development process improvement methods.
    • Choose the methods that you will use to guide your process improvement plan and justify your selection
    • Describe background material from your choice of industry-accepted software development process improvement methods.

Work within the subsection titled Best Software Practices for Process Improvement.

  • Identify the problem.
    • Identify the areas that need improvements within the organization, the process, or the team.
  • Identify the solution.
    • Identify at least 3 best software practices that fit the organization that you selected to improve.
    • Provide brief descriptions of each of those practices.
  • Justify the solution.
    • Make sure that you justify your selection for each practice and how it will improve the process.
  • Implement and communicate the solution.
    • Provide a plan to implement and communicate those improvements, and analyze the potential benefits that these improvements will have on the organization and its processes.

    Work within the subsection titled Metrics and Measurement Process Improvements.

    • Identify at least 3 metrics to measure the improvements that you have been working on with the organization.
    • Provide sufficient detail on each metric, including its definition, how to collect it and who does the collecting, and how to analyze it and evaluate it.
    • List any difficulties that might inhibit the collection and evaluation of these metrics within your selected organization, as well as how to overcome those obstacles.

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