Application Paper

In a minimum of four pages (double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font), provide
a thoughtful analysis of the chosen phenomena that you found in
A Star is Born
You will need to make explicit connections between your findings in the film and what
you have learned through the textbook. You are required to cite the film and the
textbook. You will make these applications by directly referencing your sources and the
notes that you took on the movie. You will need to provide in-text citations.*
*If citations are missing you have committed plagiarism
Papers must be in 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, include page
numbers, and have 1-inch margins on all sides. Papers must include a cover page with
your name, course name and section, the date, and my name. Your cover page is not
part of your page count. I expect at least four full pages of text.
Assignment Prompt:
This assignment requires that you watch the 2018 film
A Star is Born
. You will then use
your notes on the film to write a paper on the
relational staircase model
(found in
Chapter Nine) and any topic in the film which resonates with you and what you have
read in the text.
Make connections to a minimum of 15 different terms from the
textbook and be sure to underline or highlight them in your paper.
Some of the topics that you may see in
A Star Is Born
include direct connections to:

Chapter 9: Dynamics of Interpersonal Communication

Chapter 10: Communication in Close Re0lationships

The more connections you make to communication theories, the stronger your
paper will be.
You should organize your paper into the following three parts.
Introduction: Provide a brief description of the film, and the topic(s) that you
are focusing on. Include a brief preview of the body of the paper (preview
thesis statement is REQUIRED).
Body: Discuss in detail the main points corresponding to the various
communication topics which you decided to focus on in the film. The body is
the longest part of the paper and should explicitly address the topic(s) that
you chose to cover from the film. It is important that you provide citations
from the film and the textbook to ensure application of communication
concepts in your paper. However, do not fill your paper with quotes. The bulk
of your discussion should focus on your own analytical voice. Please use the
names of the characters and do additional research on the film if you need to.
Conclusion: Provide a brief summary of your paper. Discuss your
impressions and observations of the film and what you learned about the
topic(s) you chose from the documentary.
Papers will be evaluated based on three criteria. First, papers must demonstrate an
understanding of communication theories found in chapters 9 and 10, as well as
concepts of the staircase model. Second, papers must include citations from the
textbook and the film. Third, papers must demonstrate effective writing mechanics and
style. If you are not a strong writer, please visit the Writing Center. You may also email
me your paper if you need and feedback.

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