Araby and A&P papers

Consider any of the following statements/questions as possible paper topics. You may use any of them. In your paper, please include some source material [textual evidence]. Consider the class discussions, the themes we discussed, issues about all of these characters, symbolic imagery, plot issues, atmosphere, and tone. Using the language of the classroom and material from your notes and the book, you should be able to formulate a good 3-4 page essay on the play. 

3.      James Joyce’s Araby touches on a great number of themes: Coming of age, the loss of innocence, the life of the mind versus poverty (both physical and intellectual), the dangers of idealization, the Catholic Church’s influence to make Dublin a place of asceticism where desire and sensuality are seen as immoral, the pain that often comes when one encounters love in reality instead of its elevated form. Select one or more of these themes and show how Joyce represented the theme[s]. 1.      Araby involves a character going on a journey, the end result of which is fruitless, and ends with the character going back to where he came from. Discuss the journey itself and its significance in the story. This is, after all, a quest narrative.2.      Study the three main characters in Updike’s A&P-Sammy, Stokesie, and Lengel. What does each seem to represent in terms of where they are in their lives and/or in relation to class. 3.      Examine some of the obvious dichotomies in Updike’s A&P, including the arrival of the girls from nature in contrast with the sterile A&P market, the class dichotomies, the problem of freedom versus confinement, wealth/poverty, etc4.      Discuss A&P in relation to capitalism/communism and Updike’s obvious references to both..

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