Assignment 5

Assignment 5: A study of generational differences in forest values, beliefs and attitudes 

SOAN 355

Spring 2017

Due Date:  TBA

Objective:  As we learned in Assignment 3, the heart of social research is connecting empirical observation (data) with ideas.  This assignment will demonstrate your ability to produce and access primary source data on forest values, beliefs and attitudes and effectively display those data in tabular and graphical form.  In addition, it will demonstrate your ability to interpret, in clear and concise prose, the patterns displayed in your data.

Description: Using data we generated from the AFR surveys, compare the forest values, beliefs, and attitudes of SOAN355 students to the forest values, beliefs and attitudes of the sample of Ashland residents.  Draw on your experience working with data in Assignment 3 (including my feedback).  Your write-up should 1) pose empirical questions about difference, 2) display data, 3) describe your results (the pattern in the data that speaks to your research questions), and 4) discuss the implications of your finding for understanding generational change in attitudes about AFR and forest restoration in the region.

Formatting Guidelines:  The narrative part of this assignment must conform to the common writing conventions for your portfolio.

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