Assignment 7 Implementation Plan for Improving of Work Life Quality

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This Assignment will be part of the Final Project’s “Recommendation Report of Workplace Motivation Best Practices for Your Organization” that you will turn in at the end of Unit 9. In light of the fact that this Assignment will be part of your Final Project and should represent the very best of your writing, the project has been designed to be completed in portions to permit feedback and revision. The Assignment for this unit is for you to develop and create a plan for improving work life quality in a cost effective way; and will be incorporated into the Final Project in Unit 9.

As noted, this Assignment represents portions of your Final Project. It will be written as a standard paper, with title and references page. When it is revised for inclusion in your Final Project, some changes will need to be made, but if you have done well here, those changes will be obvious and minor.

The Introduction section of an Implementation Plan includes an explanation of the topic, a literature review of previously published research on the topic of improving work life quality in a cost effective way, and a description of the proposed implementation plan.

Open the Introduction section with an introductory paragraph complete with a thesis statement, just like any paper. From there, move into a discussion of the plan for improving work life quality in a cost effective way: describe the plan and the issues around it; define terms that might not be known by the reader. Make sure that your readers understand the approach contained within your plan.

Once the reader understands the planned approach, move smoothly into a literature review discussing recent research on the topic (using the 3–5 articles you found while doing the Unit 3 Discussions and Assignment if applicable to this topic). Describe the approach and method in each research paper, and critique the methods used and the conclusions that were drawn. Was the research done well? Are the conclusions that were drawn sound? Did they miss anything? What application does the research have to your planned approach for improving work life quality in a cost effective way?

After the literature review, transition into a discussion of your proposed approach for improving work life quality. Explain how you will do this so as to ensure your cost effective approach. Describe the approach and practices used for the implementation of your plan.

Finally, write a summary paragraph that recaps the plan, the approach and practices, and what the proposed Implementation Plan hopes to accomplish.

As noted, this Assignment represents portions of your Final Project. It should have a title page and references page and should be formatted according to the APA Publication Manual’s outline for a Method section (see page 44 of the APA Publication Manual for a graphic and description of the formatting). When it is revised for inclusion in the Final Project, some changes will need to be made, but if you have done well here, those changes will be minor.

The Method section of an Implementation Plan is like the instructions portion of a recipe. It outlines in very specific terms everything that is necessary to cook the dish (to perform the work in the plan). This includes describing the ingredients in very specific detail (describing the participants and how they are involved, describing any apparatus or other materials necessary for the implementation) and then giving very detailed instructions on how to make the dish (the procedure…how one will perform the plan). As with any other recipe, if anything is vague or left out of the description, the result will not be what was intended.

The Method section for the Implementation in this course assignment will have five subsections, arranged in this order: Participants, Apparatus/Materials, Measures, Procedure, and Ethical Considerations. Apart from these subsections, there should be no other material in the Method section.

Under “Participants,” the target participants should be clearly described along with the method of selection and the rationale for why that method will be used. Also include how the actual invitation and/or how the recruitment will be done.

Apparatus/Materials” will describe any equipment or other materials that will be needed. If you intend to use a questionnaire or inventory as part of your approach, it should be clearly identified here.

The “Measures” subsection describes the variables being considered in the study. Describe the independent and dependent variables (if applicable), how they will be analyzed, and how you will assess the reliability and validity of the measures. Be sure to describe how your measures will be used in your plan for improving work life quality in a cost effective way.

The “Procedure” subsection must be completed in enough detail to ensure that someone else reading it could replicate your project exactly as proposed. Referring back to the recipe metaphor: If the recipe does not clearly and exactly describe every step, each person using the recipe is likely to wind up with a very different food dish at the end. The procedure section should also clearly indicate (if applicable) what type of experimental design is being used (e.g., qualitative, action research design).

The final subsection, “Ethical Considerations” will discuss appropriate ethical issues that might arise from implementing the project: informed consent, privacy issues, confidentiality, etc. Do not simply give a “laundry list” of the APA standards; discuss them in terms of your Implementation Plan and how you will ensure that you are in accordance with the guidelines.

Assignment Directions

To recap in an outline format:

  1. Formal title page (this title page will not be included in the Final Project)
  2. Introduction and Literature Review
  3. Method section
    1. Participants subsection (describing targeted population to be involved, describing the recruitment and selection plan)
    2. Materials subsection (describing all equipment and materials needed including questionnaire and other data-gathering tools)
    3. Measures subsection (describing variables to be controlled/measured, discussion of reliability and validity, and how the measures will be used within the project)
    4. Procedure subsection (detailed description of how the employee satisfaction approach will be implemented, in sufficient detail to permit replication. Clearly label any research design)
    5. Ethical considerations subsection (discuss APA ethical guidelines with respect to how they must be implemented for the project.)
  4. References (materials from this page and the Unit 5 Assignment’s references page will be consolidated in the Final Project)

Length: 5–8 pages.

The Assignment should:

  • Follow Assignment directions (review grading rubric for best results).
  • Use correct APA formatting per the APA Publication Manual, 6th Edition.
  • Follow the Rubric Attached

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