assignment six 1

Assignment Six

Using the powerpoints for chapters 9, 11 and 13 along with the textbook complete the following work for the last five in class points.

Chapter Nine

  • On the powerpoint, complete slide four and state why you chose your answer. Choose two of the companies that follow beginning on slides five through nine. The powerpoint slide four states to do the following: State where you think the company is at when the lawsuit occurred: exclusion, symbolic inclusion, prescribed inclusion, inclusion—see chapter nine/ten for definition.
  • Complete the exercise found on slide 12.
  • Complete the question on slide 17: Why train on this topic?
  • What does the business case on slide 18 state? (click on support and if this embedded link does not work go to google chrome and type:

Chapter Eleven

After reading the chapter and the powerpoint, please do the following:

  • What is rankism?
  • What are the three consequences to rankism?
  • Answer the question from slide six, utilizing information from the textbook on leadership inclusionary practices and the powerpoint.

Chapter Thirteen

After reading the chapter and watching the powerpoint presentation, answer the following questions:

1.Take the test found on slide 3, what are your results and what do you think?

HRC advocating for LGBTQ Equality in your workplace

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