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Essay 2  Assignment – 10/10 at 11:30 pm. 


  • Argumentative/Persuasive Essay
  • MLA
  • Introduction
  • Thesis or Topic Sentence
  • Development
  • Organization
  • Tone
  • Cohesion
  • Word Choice
  • Grammar, Usage, & Mechanics
  • Other (Please describe the assignment in the box below)
  • Style
  • Conclusion
  • Responding to Assignment’s Purpose
  • Developing Supporting Details/Analysis
  • Synthesizing Sources

Essay 2 Submission Guidelines • Submit in the digital Dropbox for ENG 101 under “Essay 2” (pdf or doc or docx or rtf files only). • Do not use other file formats such as Apple or Mac. Those files can’t be opened or read on faculty computers. • A paper draft of the essay is due to Brainfuse prior to the final due date. Consult the course calendar for the date. On the final due date, turn in the paper using the Dropbox area on D2L. You may not turn the paper in any other way. If you do not send a draft to Brainfuse using the email link by the due date, a 5 point penalty will be assessed. Assignment • 500+ word summary/response, which is 2 – 3 typed pages in MLA format. Due Date • See the course calendar for the due date for the essay. All essays are due at 11:30 pm on the due date. Format Guidelines MLA format for the essay and the citations (in-text and on the works cited page). You will need to cite “Black America and the Class Divide” or “How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers” per the instructions given in class. The Works Cited entries are provided at the end of this document as well. • Typed, double spaced in Times New Roman, 12 point font • The first four lines in the left corner of the first page should include: your name, professor’s name, course and section, date of submission. • See page 485 in the textbook for a sample essay in MLA format. Assignment Prompt Your assignment for the second essay is to summarize one of two essays in the Content area of D2L. These are the choices: “Black America and the Class Divide” by Henry Louis Gates Jr. “How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers” by Rachel Ehmke First, find the main ideas in the essay and determine whether those make sense to you as they relate to your beliefs. This will take very careful critical reading of the essay multiple times. Your essay should reflect deep thought about the issue discussed in the article with solid support, rather than just a surface or “this is just what I think” kind of approach. Think through your ideas carefully and logically. Think beyond your religious/moral beliefs. Your thesis should include your opinion on the issue in the essay. Your essay must discuss at least three distinct reasons for your position. You are allowed to discuss religious reasons in only one body paragraph in the essay. Consider the following perspectives. Discuss both how they play a part in your decision to argue a certain position and how they would be affected by the position you are arguing for. 1. Political – Does political party affiliation play a part in your position? What are the potential political ramifications of whichever position you take? 2. Social – How do social issues (how children are raised, how your parents act, how your friends might believe, etc.) affect the position you chose to argue? How would they be affected by your position? 3. Economic – What economic issues influence or would be affected by the stance you’ve chosen to argue for (think businesses, taxes, jobs, etc.)? 4. Moral – This perspective could include religious views or other moral sources (cultural beliefs, or philosophical perspectives). 5. Cultural – What about American culture influenced your decision and/or would be affected by your position? What is the future of American culture with regard to this issue? Documentation Because you are using information from only two essays that you have been given, you will put material you borrow from the essay in quotation marks, use in-text citations, and have one entry on the Works Cited page. YOU MUST PUT BORROWED MATERIAL FROM THE ESSAY IN QUOTES AND USE IN-TEXT CITATIONS. DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE INFORMATION OTHER THAN THE ESSAYS YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN VIA CONTENT IN D2L. All other ideas must come from your own thinking. Any essay that uses material from a source other than the two essays you were given will receive a grade of zero. • Use the writing process to your advantage. Freewrite, bubble map, list or use other strategies before you start on your draft. • You should include supporting evidence with many specific details and examples. You will need a Works Cited page and signal phrases to introduce the borrowed material from the essay. DO NOT use any other outside sources such as quotes from the internet. Use only your own ideas. Use of outside sources other than the essay will result in a grade of 0. • DO NOT include material anywhere in the essay about extremely personal matters such as abuse, rape, and the like. While you may want to use a personal experience in the introduction or conclusion, do not wander into the “too much information” realm. The Works Cited entries at the end of your essay should look like one of these: Gates Jr., Henry Louis. “Black America and the Class Divide.” The New York Times, 1 Feb. 2016, Accessed (date of access here). Ehmke, Rachel. “How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers.” Child Mind Institute, 2018, Accessed (date of access here). In the body of the essay, each time you borrow material, use a signal phrase. Here are some examples: Gates Jr. (or Ehmke) states… Gates Jr. (or Ehmke) suggests… Gates Jr. (or Ehmke) claims… Gates Jr. (or Ehmke) argues… Gates Jr. (or Ehmke) goes on to say… Use in-text citations each time your borrow material this way: Gates Jr. claims, “quoted material here” (Gates).

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