assistance with discussion post 4

Attached are the necessary readings (labeled numerically) and instructions on how this assignment should be completed. If you can’t seem to find the guidelines for the instructions (via pics) I’ll just type them out:

Module 7b: April 1-7 (Worth 5%)

Philip L. Quinn, The Divine Command Theory 879 (that’s the reading)


For up to a C grade, summarize one of the 4 pieces (I chose the reading already) in at least 300 words.

For up to a B grade, also assess the arguments you summarized in at least 150 words.

The more words the merrier to help get that B+ grade 🙏 . It would be nice if you could separate the summary of the piece into its own paragraph and the assessment of the argument into another. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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